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Nope, there was no success on the lyric-writing front today, even though I've LITERALLY done about 5 minutes' worth of photocopying today, and that's all. The woman sitting next to me has a very Jennifer Tilly-ish voice, which would be amusing except she's hideously boring and keeps trying to talk to me. At those moments I wonder when I started hating people.

There was no success on the lyric-writing front today, and not for lack of trying. I mean:

1. my brain keeps sticking other songs in my head besides the one I want to work on
2. we're talking about soul-crushing boredom here, folks
3. it's finally Friday, of a very long-seeming week, and that's distracting enough
4. my inner procrastinator keeps reassuring me that I'll finish everything tonight/tomorrow afternoon
5. I don't really care if I finish them or not - I'll never get them memorized by tomorrow night, and I usually make them up on the spot anyway, and nobody has ever understood the lyrics at a "rock" concert, ever.

I had mentioned something about a birthday-wrap-up thing earlier, didn't I? Yeah, well, I'm too bored to get depressed right now. I'll worry about it when I get home; maybe that'll give me something to write lyrics about.

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