Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes


it's weird, man. most of the time, a cold moves downwards. this one is just hovering in my sinuses.

i just wanted to point out that i haven't had a cigarette all day. i wish i could appreciate that.

ferns rehearsal tonight, at fucking 10. 10 oclock. what the shit is that? i'll be lucky if i can move by then. we're rehearsing tonight at 10 because we have a "gig" tomorrow night that nobody's invited anybody to, and we're playing 4 or 5 new tunes, and we don't know how they end. the "gig" is really a fundraiser for our drummer's side project, this thing called the Jump Festival, and it's taking place in a loft in the middle of nowhere, Brooklyn. our drummer already lives out in the middle of nowhere - this is even farther out there.

about 20 minutes ago i could have sworn that i heard crickets in the office. i'm not kidding. fucking crickets. in the World Financial Center. i think i need to lie down.
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