Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

In spite of recent world events, I couldn't stop smiling when I was reading the Sports section of today's Daily News. I was actually surprised by how happy I was to see Giambi in pinstripes, looking out at Yankee Stadium. Man, I can't wait for Opening Day, if we actually get one.

Last night, in my now-traditional post-work scowling hour, I rediscovered Burning Airlines' "Mission Control", which has been rocking my world ever since. Specifically "Pacific 231". Goddamn that's a great rock record.

But I got sad, the more I listened to it. I mean, here's J. Robbins, frontman for Jawbox - one of the more revered post-punk bands - writing these fantastic hooks and melodies and lyrics, and the band is just kicking ass, and it's light-years ahead of what current radio is playing even though it came out 2 years ago, and really the most you can say about J. Robbins' career right now is that he produced the Dismemberment Plan's "Emergency And I". This guy should be making tons of money, not slaving away in obscurity.

And thusly I said to myself - if that's what he's got lined up for him, then what the hell chance do I have of achieving any kind of success?

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