Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

"driver's block"

I was about to say "Richard Brautigan should be my personal hero," but then I remembered that he IS my personal hero. This quote is from some interview he gave in 1981 while promoting "The Tokyo Montana Express".

Not driving is a personal decision, not a protest in a socially active way. . . . I don't dislike the modern world. I just don't have a love affair with the car.

I do think it's unacceptable that we have to walk around breathing what's left over from swamps and dinosaurs from prehistoric times. The noise pollution, hum, drone, shifting, grinding and roaring are enemies of silence and contemplation. . . .

Not driving is almost considered a character flaw in America. I just accept it cheerfully and have evolved the Zen art of nondriving. Because I've made this conscious decision not to drive, I've accepted and created a lifestyle around the fact that I do not have spontaneous movement. . . .

I'm always on the passenger sides or in the back seats and when I look at the drivers, they always seem to be enjoying themselves. It's a total mystery to me. The person who is driving always has to keep his eye on the road. Whenever I'm in a car as a passenger, I get to look out and see everything. I'm always pointing out things they can't look at. . . .

Driving is such a part of our culture that the driver's license is a more respected document than a passport. It's almost like I don't have an identity without one. . . .

My favorite form of transportation is walking anywhere with somebody I love. I've never gotten a parking ticket for walking and I don't need a license. I take buses, cabs, airplanes and sometimes I hitchhike. I don't care if I get wet. . . .

Maybe I'm an anachronism--not of the past but of the future. A portent. The days of the automobile are numbered . . . I don't think the internal-combustion engine has a great future. . . . Who knows, maybe five years from now I'll be driving alongside Paul Newman at some raceway. Stranger things have happened.

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