Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Jervo210: i'm not sure that today could move any slower.
Jervo210: considering how quickly yesterday seemed to go.
jdixon: yesterday was as quick as something that would be considered very slow, like a turtle or a snail of some sort.
Jervo210: not so for me. i thought yesterday moved quite rapidly, like something that moves fast.
jdixon: i am experiencing the opposite, where today is the day that i would compare to something that moves fast.
Jervo210: like a turtle that had smoked crack and was hurtled off a downward-titling slope, yes?
jdixon: yes, perhaps one even sporting an ignited rocket in its rear cavity.
jdixon: (that was to the fast slope reference)
Jervo210: one would hope.
Jervo210: today to me seems to be like the afore-mentioned turtle lying helpless and prone on his back, with the sun beating down on his exposed belly and causing him to scream like a little girl turtle.
Jervo210: this talk we are having about the relative appearance of time and how fast it moves has not yet accomplished the task I had hoped it would, namely, to speed things up a bit.
jdixon: yes, time is beginning to stand still, as if a cork was inserted into the lower digestive tract of time.
jdixon: ? i have no idea what any of that even attempted to mean.
Jervo210: unless you meant that time was expanding like the lower digestive tract after eating a Mexican lunch.
Jervo210: if time were to fart, that would raise an interesting question as to the relative speed post-fart.
jdixon: yes, it wants to move forward toot sweet, but is helpless as the whatever the fuck
Jervo210: i think your brain melted
jdixon: blegthffpth...

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