Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Holy shit, "Low Level Owl (Vol.1)" is rocking my fucking world. "Bird of Paradise" is probably the greatest reason to try nitrous oxide ever. It's an album that draws you in with its powerful songwriting, but it crawls into your blood and fucks with all your organs with its sounds. I've never heard a record like this before.

Even though I'm having great difficulty concentrating on anything other than this music right now, I'm going to post the results of my LJ Interest survey, inspired by greatmovies's post. Try it, it's fun!

guitar - 4879
drums - 3311
bass - 2420
vocals - 111 (+11 communities)

bands - 2231
theatre - 4430
theater - 2710

performing - 606 (+7)

poetry - 23658
fiction - 72
non-fiction - 112 + 13
nonfiction - 59 + 5

shakespeare - 2966
shaw - 3 (george bernard shaw = 12)
harold pinter - 17
tom stoppard - 114 + 1

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