Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

2001 in review, again

In retrospect, 2001 sucked really hard, and judging from a few of you, I'm not the only one who thinks so. I knew it was gonna suck from the way that it started, too, although I didn't realize just how much worse it could get.

Oh, sure, good things happened this year - I did get acquainted with LJ, after all, and having an online diary was something I'd wanted to have for several years. The woman and I are still together, and that's still awesome. I got a computer; I booked my first gig; I've done my one-man-band in public. That's all well and good.

Do I need to get into the bad stuff? No. Most of it is what I've written about daily all year, and the rest is whatever I've managed to suppress.

So, looking forward to 2002, I've decided to put down a list of to-do items, rather than resolutions. I feel much guiltier about not doing something on a to-do list than I do about breaking a resolution.

1. Make EP, get it to the right people, secure some money from an indie label to do some low-level touring.

2. Put band together.

3. Make more money - no more of this "broke" shit.

4. Start taking vitamins and eating better.

5. Write (at least) one song a week.

6. Get out of the apartment a little more; start hanging out with friends; return phone calls and e-mails; BE SOCIAL.

7. For every hour of videogame playing, an equal hour of music work - practicing, jamming, whatever.

8. See more stuff - movies, shows, etc. Experience.

9. Stop complaining.

10. Learn to deal with airplanes.

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