Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Yeah, it's great to get New Year's Day off from work, but what happens is that you end up with 2 Mondays in 1 week, which contributes to maximum mind-losingage and it's just not right, folks. I've been somewhere else for most of the day.

New Year's was great and notable - it marked the first non-music-event-related NYE I'd spend since '92, probably, and it was the first one that included a kiss. Also of note was that the party we went to was not only my first apartment in NYC, it was also the very same apartment where I first met my current girlfriend, all the way back in '98.

Anyway. Through my rigorous non-eating diet and non-spending habits, I've managed to horde a little bit o' money, which will make my trip to Florida that much less embarassing (i.e., how do you explain to your girlfriend's parents that you won't be joining them at Universal Studios and will instead be hanging out in the hotel, day after day after day?). However, it's also making me a bit antsy, because it's money that I'm not currently spending, and GODDAMN IT THERE'S SO MUCH STUPID CRAP THAT I WANT. Including the PC games Serious Sam and Wizardry 8. Must.... restrain.... urge.... to.... buy.... crap....

Next week I'll be in Florida, which means that I probably won't be getting the DVD of Wet Hot American Summer the day it comes out. However, jdixon, your birthday is next week, and I'm asking - nay, begging - that you restrain yourself from purchasing it while I'm gone. Not for any particular reason, of course; I'm just curious to see if you'll do what I tell you to do.
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