Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

...I will not bitch about today's boss... I will not bitch about today's boss...

Last night was, seemingly, the first night that I had nothing to do in weeks, and I put it to good use. Watched the Stella videos. Watched a bit of Wet Hot American Summer, with the "extra farts" soundtrack. Installed a demo of Return to Castle Wolfenstien - also installed the full, original Wolfenstien 3D, which brought back memories of my freshman year at NYU. Which is odd, considering that I only played it for maybe 2 days, right when I moved in. Oh, and I played a lot of music.

Yes, I played a lot of music, for the first time since 12/8. And MAN, it felt good to play again, even if it was just some silly looping - and even then, it still sounded great. My guitar playing is a bit rustier than I'd care to admit (or accept), though - I need to work on that.

Mission for this weekend - get blank tapes, write new song. Contact Phofo re: recording.

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