Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Thank you, spooble. You wanna try? Go here.

1: postjervoment (post-jervo-ment) action or process of after jervo
2: hypojervosis (hypo-jervo-osis) abnormal condition or process of below or less than jervo
3: projervoness (pro-jervo-ness) state, quality, condition or degree of supporting or favoring jervo
4: jervoator (jervo-ator) one that acts in the manner of jervo
5: jervoitis (jervo-itis) inflammation or disease of jervo
6: superjervoably (super-jervo-ably) performing in a manor worth of above or superior to jervo
7: jervoness (jervo-ness) state, quality, condition or degree of jervo
8: jervoism (jervo-ism) action, process or practice of jervo
9: ornithojervo (ornitho-jervo) bird jervo
10: circumjervo (circum-jervo) around jervo
11: underjervo (under-jervo) beneath or below jervo
12: microjervo (micro-jervo) small jervo
13: jervoious (jervo-ious) full of or having the qualities of jervo
14: counterjervoeous (counter-jervo-eous) having the nature of contrary or opposite of jervo
15: jervoator (jervo-ator) one that acts in the manner of jervo
16: semijervophobia (semi-jervo-phobia) fear of half or partial jervo
17: jervoular (jervo-ular) relating to or resembling jervo
18: microjervo (micro-jervo) small jervo
19: ultrajervoment (ultra-jervo-ment) action or process of beyond the normal range of jervo
20: cephalojervography (cephalo-jervo-graphy) representation of or process of representing head jervo
21: unijervous (uni-jervo-ous) possessing, full of or characterized by one or a single jervo
22: psychojervoment (psycho-jervo-ment) action or process of mental activities or the mind of jervo
23: monojervoian (mono-jervo-ian) one relating to, belonging to, or resembling one or a single jervo
24: parjervo (par-jervo) abnormal or beyond jervo
25: interjervo (inter-jervo) between or in the midst of jervo

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