Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Fieldbinder ruminates in presence of pathetic and sadistic psychologist Dr. J____ on the comparative merits of the word "fuck".

"We beg your pardon?" said Dr. J____, curling his harelip in incredulity.

Fieldbinder smiled cooly. "The word 'fuck,' Dr. J____. Has it never occurred to you that the word, far from being harsh or ugly, is in truth a strangely lovely word? An appropriate word? I'll not say onomatopoetic, bur rather lovely and appropriate. Perhaps even musical."

Dr. J____ wriggled his hideous body in his chair. Fieldbinder smiled cooly, continuing, "The word chosen to designate the act - the supreme act of a distinctively human life, the act in reference to the pleasure and meaning of which I naturally understand myself, being as you once remarked an almost exclusively sexual entity - the word chosen to designate the act must also be extremely important, no?"

"God, what a man he is," whispered the doctor, barely audibly, rolling his walleyes until the action hurt the styes which crusted his eyelids.

"No, really," smiled Fieldbinder. "Think of the sound, 'fuck.' 'Fuck'. A good sound. A solid sound. The sound of a heavy coin rattling in a thick porcelain cup. The sound of a drop of clear cold water falling into a still pond from a great height. Roll the word on your tongue for a while, Dr. J____."

There was a silence while the doctor rolled the word silently on his cold grey tongue. Across the ambiguously lit room, Fieldbinder obliterated a tiny wrinkle from his impeccable slacks.

"I can recall being a student in college," Fieldbinder ruminated after a time. "I can recall even then a deep satisfaction with the words used by my peers to designate the act. In college, women were locutionally reduced to earth, or impediment. 'Have you blasted her?' 'Drill her yet?' 'I pounded hell out of her last night.' None of these are right, Dr. J____, is this not transparently clear? None of these words are adequate to capture not only the reference but the sense of an act in which two distinct selves interpenetrate, not only physically, but also of course emotionally. I simply must say, as crass as we are conditioned by a troubled society to regard the word, I am a firm believer in the comparative merits of the word 'fuck.'" Fieldbinder looked up and smiled cooly. "Have I offended you?"

"No," hissed Dr. J____, playing manically with the controls of his mechanical chair, making it bounce up and down suggestively, as drool coated the doctor's pathetically weak chin.

----- David Foster Wallace, "The Broom of the System"

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