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Weird deja-vu today. Whenever I take a cigarette break from work, I have to walk through this gigantic atrium area in order to get outside, where I'm right by the water, looking out towards New Jersey. This gigantic atrium area normally holds performances, but today it's being turned into a huge orchid festival. The smell of orchids, for some reason, instantly takes me to my paternal grandmother's house, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I haven't thought about that house in years, I think.

Today is just crawling. Normally whenever I'm insanely busy at work the day just flies right by, but it's only 3:45pm right now, when it feels like it should be 7. I don't know how much longer I can last. I'm very nearly healthy but not quite there yet.

Here's something pretty awesome: the invisible library. It's a list of all the made-up books and authors in real books. It's incredibly incomplete, but even so, it's still really cool. Lots of cool song titles in there.

Speaking of which, I've been really psyched about this new song I've been working on; I can tell it's gonna be great, when I finish it, I just know it.... except I just realized that I must have subconsciously stolen the main lick from "The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore". Damn you, PJ!

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