Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I've been busy for the last couple days, although really the weekend could just as easily be defined by the more than 12 (!) hours of pretty much nonstop NHL2K2 action that I (and sometimes jdixon) participated in.

Anyway. I'm not afraid to admit that I had a great Valentine's Day. The woman and I went to this little French place in the East Village and loaded up on steak and wine, and then we headed over to see our friend in Viva Amore 5, which was the best Viva yet. Following that we got more drunk, and then eventually made it home...

The woman debuted a new monologue at a workshop on Friday night, which was hilarious and wonderful. The workshop itself is this really informal gathering of actors and clowns, etc., and they get together in this lo-fi yoga space in Williamsburg. Very cool idea - shit, if I were still attempting to be an actor, I'd be all over this bitch, if only just to keep performing, at whatever level. The woman's piece was great - she based some of it on her "temping stories" that she occaisonally puts in her LJ - and for something that she just put together within the week, it came off quite well. I hope she keeps developing it...

Saturday jdixon and I were determined to locate an indoor batting cage, and we ended up finding one. However, it was really expensive and we would have had to wait about 3 hours before being able to use one, so we bailed. That being said, the day wasn't totally wasted, because the batting cage happened to be 2 or 3 blocks away from my favorite videogame store in Queens, and they just happened to have the new hockey game there, and when we got back to the apartment, we plugged it in and didn't move for the next 3 or or hours... until we headed back into Manhattan to meet up and have birthday drinks with Devin.

I also agreed to run the lights for the new best-of Six Characters show - which actually runs tonight - so I went to rehearsal with them Sunday and Monday night. They rehearse in possibly the wierdest space in Manhattan - on 12th (!) Avenue, between 57th and 58th.. right next to the highway... in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse undergoing renevations. It's actually been a lot more fun than I anticipated; I'm even just a wee bit nervous about tonight, even if by "running lights" I'm actually just working one (1) dimmer.

All the time not accounted for in the above paragraphs was taken up by repeated NHL2K2 use. No music, no nothing. Which I'm a bit ashamed of.

Other things to be ashamed of:

1. My wisdom teeth aren't even hurting me anymore; they're just decomposing and irritating my gums, making it hard to swallow.

2. My glasses are now so scratched up that I've stopped wearing them - the world might be blurry right now, but at least my eyes don't feel like they're on fire.

3. I hardly ate all weekend, although that's more tooth-related than anything else.

Back to work.

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