Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

GOOD: Progress is being made with a new song. The previous incarnation, which I had recorded about 2 weeks ago, was raw and aggressive; the new incarnation takes a more atmospheric approach, with Death Cab guitar arrangements and a subdued, pulsing groove. It has a similar feel to Morrissey's "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself," which I'm certainly not opposed to.

BAD: My computer has a new, inexplicable problem. Last night I checked my e-mail at around 11:30, finished at 11:35, and then went back to music. When I attempted to check it at 2am, right before I went to bed, I got a wierd error message; something about "TraycInt" affecting "KERNEL[something].DLL", and if it keeps happening I should restart my computer. Which I did, 3 times, and the same thing kept happening. Checked my modem twice, no problems. This morning I ran Scandisk to see if there were any errors; it apparently kept restarting itself as Windows was also writing information to the C Drive, even though I had no applications running. It hadn't finished when I left my apartment.

GOOD: I got to sleep in this morning. Zach Galifankis has a Comedy Central show on at 8:30 tonight, which jdixon had the foresight to set up the VCR for. jongre apparently had a successful interview with my temp agency. Baseball season is coming soon. The weather today is pretty nice, considering it's February. It's Friday, baby.

BAD: Jaw still hurts. My temp assignment for 3/11-3/15 involves working 8-6 as a "help desk coordinator" - the law firm I work for is moving to new offices, and being that "I've been here for a while" and "know how the company works", I get to be the "point man" for people's questions. I don't know jack about how this company works; if 200 people work in this office, I maybe remember 5 of their names. No money. No glasses.

GOOD: I had to leave this on a good note, because I'm in a pretty good mood. I can't wait to get started on new tunes.

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