Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Constructive weekend; had a nice date with the woman on Friday night; had some tacos at Harry's and cracked each other up with beer-bottle-whistling; went to see my new friend-from-work's band, and they were pretty good. Following that, we were pretty drunk but not quite ready to go back to Brooklyn, so we wandered over to Kym's Video, where I bought The French Connection DVD set (for me) and Ghost World (for her).

Saturday was great; we slept in, ordered in breakfast, watched FC1 (and some of the Quay Brothers shorts - I bought her that DVD for V-Day), and then I headed back to Queens. Picked up my humungous load of laundry - clean sheets, now! - and then did a lot of music. Also, jdixon successfully taped the Zach "I Look Like Fat Jesus" Galifanakis CC special, which was fantastic, and the Mitch Hedberg special, which was wierd at first but has now become really really funny...

Sunday was more of the same. Watched USA/Canada, which was a great game until the end; did tons of music; blah blah blah. Oh, and my computer's ok - MSN's servers exploded over the weekend, which is why that error message kept popping up. The problem was that the error message implied that it was something wrong with my computer - when I called MSN tech support, though, they told me what was up. So, whatever.

I'm jonesing really hard, now, to get a band together. The loops I've been working on have been really fierce, but they need a band - they need to go somewhere else, and I can't really manipulate them as much as I'd like to with my current sampler. I've already got people who are interested in playing, but they're all busy (or out of the country) until April-ish, which actually works out OK since I have that EP thing next month (hopefully). I also want to get another one-man-band gig soon; I haven't played a gig since my birthday...

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