Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Last night was exceedingly frustrating. I ran through some old songs and they all seemed really... I don't know... old. Well, maybe antiquated is a better term. All the songs I wrote when I first started using the looping technique share a certain sameness - they're all roughly the same tempo (i.e. slow to mid-tempo), the lyrics are mostly poorly written ruminations on hating work and stage fright, and they definitely pale in comparison to the newer stuff I've been working on. Of course, none of the new stuff has any lyrics except one, and when I say "lyrics" I mean to say that the recording I made of it is me paraphrasing some drunken babbling I scribbled down in my notebook. And my subsequent attempts to expound said babbling left me crosseyed and annoyed; I got maybe 2 and a half stanzas, both of which are pretty weak. But at least I sorta recognized my problem: none of my songs are really about anything, and at the same time they're not abstract either (a la Beck or Malkmus). Which is to say, they SOUND like there's some sort of intention behind them, but there really isn't any. What I need, ultimately, is some cool subject matter - nothing involving love (unrequited especially), anxiety, or any of that crap.

Work is just stupid, today. Because of course I'm wishing I could concentrate on one of these loops and work out some lyrics, and OF COURSE the printer is fucked and one of my lawyers usually has some menial task that needs to be taken care of ASAP.


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