Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I'm thinking about turning this paragraph from "Underworld" into a song.

First there was an empty room. Then someone appeared and began to put things on a table, to move the magazines and picture books and put out bowls and crocks and cut flowers, and then to reinstate some of the picture books, but only the ones that claimed a status of a certain sumptuous kind. Then a few people arrived, and there was sporadic conversation, a little awkward at times, because not everyone knew everyone. Then the room slowly filled and the talk came more easily, and the faces shed some layers. Klara spoke with someone in a corner, half-aware that the spirit of being friendly and funny and well-met was overtaking the place, and isnt it one of those things you never consider but might find amazing if you did, how the details of contact, the eye movement and hand waves, the smiles of recognition, the catch-up lives that propel the early dialogue how this becomes an energy that moves among the guests like a circulating angel, inspiring stores, rumors, flirtations and misconstrued remarks, basically the makings of human history, even though people dont drink the way they used to, so you cant say its the gin that makes them happy and natural. Its mainly the encouragement of others.

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