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end of an era

Man, it's so wierd not having LJ around.

1. the job
2. the woman comes home
3. the band

1. It's been really nice not going to work this week. The only thing that sucks about it, besides not getting paid, is not being able to get online. I'm in an online baseball fantasy league, and it's hard to know what's going on... plus of course the lack of LJ.

2. This weekend I took the woman home with me to meet part of my family, including the 3-year-old nephew, who's just about the most adorable thing in the world. The woman was just wonderful - my family loves her. It was the first time I've ever brought a girl home, and it was totally cool, no awkwardness or wierdness or anything.

3. So my band broke up yesterday. I got the call yesterday afternoon while I was getting stoned and watching "Annie Hall" on DVD, which makes for a pretty strange combination. Apparently the 3 other guys had all talked it over, and then they decided to call me and ask me how I felt. Not terribly heartbroken, I said. We're meeting on Saturday afternoon for the official goodbye, it was nice to have played with you, sorry it didn't work out, keep in touch. I'm kinda surprised that it came so quickly, but by the same token, I'd been thinking about quitting months ago.

What I'll miss
1. A suprisingly good number of the songs
2. A reliable pot delivery service

What I won't miss
1. Constant arguing
2. The bass player's total inability to remember his bass lines
3. That stifling, suffocating feeling of knowing that my artistic vision is in total contrast with the rest of the guys and is therefore wrong
4. Playing meaningless, sucky gigs in the middle of nowhere
5. The bass player's and drummer's ability to always show up late, including our last rehearsal because the bass player was watching a fucking basketball game
6. Jamming, and thinking it's great, and then looking up and seeing the drummer just totally miserable; jamming, and thinking it's terrible and wishing it would end, and then looking up and seeing the rest of the band really getting off
7. The other guitarist's mood swings and neuroses and spaz attacks
8. Oh, just so much bullshit that piled up and never got dealt with.

I'm glad it's over, I really am. It's the kick in the ass I needed to start getting my own shit together. I've been 4-tracking a lot recently, and by a lot I mean a little bit, but at least it's something. Maybe I'll even work up enough nerve to do another solo show in a couple weeks.

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