Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Some questions.

1. Why, in today's pop culture, is there more emphasis on the actor and not the writer? I'm tired of the endless Oscar debate over the Best Actor category - I think a much more intriguing discussion comes from who should win for Best Original Screenplay, between Memento, Amelie, and Royal Tenenbaums. These are three movies that are totally unique and groundbreaking, defying genres and cliches. These are all great films, and they are clearly made from a script point of view and not a star vehicle point of view.

1a. I mean, who remembers who starred in Shakespeare's plays? Who acted in Shaw's, or Wilde's, or Pinter's?

1b. If Alan Ball wasn't currently doing Six Feet Under, would anybody remember that he wrote American Beauty? The film itself would be remembered, as would Spacey and Benning's performances, but would anybody think of the writer, the person who created the vision and the world of the film?

1c. Without peeking, who adapted the screenplay for "Silence of the Lambs"?

2. Speaking of writers, is there anybody funnier than Bill Simmons?
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