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fun with italics

1. The picnic list
2. Inspirado


1. My stepbrother Phofo is working on an album right now, and he's been sending this e-mail around to some people:

i know this is going to sound lame, but i want to record a track where all of you express your loves and influences in the style of that "i went on a picnic and i brought..." game. i know this sounds retarded and it may very well end up being very retarded but i figured it's worth a try and it's sort of a way for me to throw some props your way by putting you on. feel free to cite anyone of note that you like or whatever, not just musicians...

this is an example... for example's sake only:

i went on a picnic and i brought...
the clash
duncan sheik
elliot smith
fracoise hardy
guided by voices
h.r. geiger
jello biafra
king missile
love and rockets
money mark
the orb
phillip seymour hoffman
dj q-bert
martin scorcese
john tesh
violent femmes
wendy carlos
frank zappa

that was a dumb one, but you get the point. i understand that certain letters, namely q, x, and z may be difficult but feel free to be sarcastic or really arcane. in fact, i prefer that you're sarcastic and arcane. i know this is sort of lame but it may turn out cool. and if you do it, i'll give you credit in the liner and, like, a free copy of the cd. (oooh!) so, let me know if you want to do it and we can set up a time to record. thanks. - pho

Without further ado, my submission:

Abbey Road
Richard Brautigan
cab rides at night
David Foster Wallace
Elliot Smith
gibson guitars
Henry Fool
Infinite Jest
John McEntire
Kevin Shields
The Lilys
The Muppet Show
New York City
On The Road
A Tribe Called Quest
The Sea and Cake
Upright Citizen's Brigade
Velvet Underground
Woody Allen
Yo La Tengo
Frank Zappa


2. I'm totally fucking stoked right now. My girlfriend (a.k.a. "the woman") and I just had this incredible conversation. She lives right near the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, and tonight is just one of those really insanely beautiful clear nights where you don't have to wear a jacket and the city is totally peaceful, and you can just sit on a bench and check out this just sick-ass view of lower Manhattan and get really meditative. I'm in a bit of a career/motivation funk, as is she, and she came up with a great idea for us; weekly progress reports. Her first real big-time mission is to send out 50 headshots and ultimately get some representation; mine is to get 8 hours a week working on music and ultimately having enough recorded material to burn an album onto CD. I'm fucking jacked now, to start crackin' right away and just fucking do it, you know, stop fucking around and really just start writing and recording and working. I need to do this. It's really easy to get depressed watching "Behind The Music" and seeing how these people were already on the way down before they were 30; I'm 4 months into being 25. But the point is, those people worked, they struggled, they didn't sit in their apartment and whine about not being able to write or whatever. I'm really tired of that, it's all I've been doing for the last 7 years. The #1 reason why I'm not a rock star is because, fundamentally, I haven't done enough.

So anyway, I'm psyched that this is now happening, and that we're holding each other to it. I want to impress her, you know, I really really want to give her a CD. She's the best. That's the other thing, too, and I know this is really sappy, but I'm just totally in love with her. It's been almost 11 months now, which has gotta be some sort of record.

Boston 3, Yankees 2 (10 innings). Fuck. And then tomorrow it's Pedro against Rocket. And what's worse is that I've got a Ferns meeting in the middle of nowhere, Brooklyn, right before the game starts, and I'll probably miss the whole thing by the time I get back to my apartment.

That's the news, film at 11.

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