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Jesus, my tooth hurts.

As I start writing this, it's not yet Friday afternoon and already this week I've got 3 brand-new things on tape. They're not quite songs yet, mostly just quick sketches that I've hastily recorded, but they exist and there seems to be more on the way. However...

Basically what I want to say here, which is proving more difficult to really admit as I've retyped this entry about 20 times, is that I'm really discouraged with my apparent inability to write interesting lyrics. I've accepted the fact that I'm not Dylan, Malkmus, Yorke, (insert great lyricist here] etc., but I'd have a much better time if I could rejoice in any sort of lyrical competency other than correct spelling and neat-looking handwriting. Of the 30-or-so songs that I've written and performed in the last 5 years that I sorta like, I can only think of 1 in particular that has, at the very least, a great opening line. (Special note: I once wrote a fantastic opening line to a song, based on a totally true experience, that I later discovered is a lyric to a Replacements song, and is now the name of a fucking band. The rest of the song was teenaged love angst that got pretty melodramatic and overwrought, but the first line was a killer, and now I can't even use it for fear of copywright infringement.

All the songwriters whose lyrics and vocal delivery I deeply admire (Dylan, Malkmus, Yorke, Buckley, early Elliott Smith, Beck, D-Plan, Lennon (though I'm still, first and foremost, a McCartney fan), Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, etc.) all have this thing, this really natural way of letting go... It's not that I think too much about just letting go (which I'm guilty of), it's that I think too much about how the audience will perceive it. The issue of the music itself is totally different - I'm totally confident that the music is gonna be really good. I just can't match my voice to the words, the way that the people I admire do.

Ultimately, I think I need a lyricist.

So I'm reaching out to the LJ community, which consists of some really fucking amazing writers, to start a collaboration. If you're interested in joining the Jervo Experience, e-mail me at

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