Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

For the 5th day in a row, it appears that I won't have any work to do. Now, ordinarily I'd be totally fine with that - I don't really feel like doing any work anyway. But after a while, I start to get paranoid that I'm so un-busy. Like I should be creating work for myself. Except there's really nothing for me to do. Honestly. I'm looking around my desk right now, and aside from sending a few pieces of paper via interoffice mail, everything seems to be in order...

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I discovered that there's a Sam Goody on 42nd St. - and it's right next to this mini-alley that I can cut through, so it takes me about 45 seconds to get there. So today I'm pickin' up a bunch o' stuff - the new Wilco, White Stripes, Walkmen, and Microphones (if they have them, which yesterday they didn't). [If you have any recommendations - and I'm sure you do - please send 'em my way, as I'm looking to do some serious damage today.] Oh, and I'm gonna get a new set of ass-kicking headphones, too.

Speaking of which, last night I realized that ever since my discman's headphones broke about a month ago, I've lived in a musicless universe. Which is why I'm so terribly excited to pick up some kick-ass headphones and some new music to test them out with.

What else, what else... I know there's something else... um... nope, can't think of it. The pot I've been smoking recently is fantastic stuff, but it's been making my mornings waaaaaay too cloudy.

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