Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

she's an easy lover
she'll get a hold on you, believe it
she's like no other
and i'm just tryin' to make you seeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sorry. For some reason that's been stuck in my head for days now. Who is the non-Phil Collins singer in that song, and if he died as a result of participating in that song, can the same thing happen to Phil?

OK. I'm bored. So I'm going to make up a new survey. And when I say "survey", it's more like I'm making up questions and then answering them. So here's 20 things you might not have known.

1. Favorite sandwich: Turkey, brie, honey mustard on a baguette.

2. Favorite pen ink color: Black.

3. Favorite Simpsons character: Jasper.

4. My favorite alcoholic beverage when I was underage and didn't know anything about alcohol and just ordered the same thing over and over again because I was clueless: Amaretto sour.

5. Current alcoholic beverage that I'm ashamed of liking: Smirnoff Ice.

6. Favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. [This also happens to be THE hardest flavor to find in NYC.]

7. Most annoying pet peeve: People in subways who either (a) don't move out of the way when you're trying to exit, (b) jump in front of you to steal the last available seat on the car, and then get out 2 stops later, and/or (c) put their baby carriage right in front of the doors during rush hour.

8. Current favorite snack: Pepperoni slices and 5-Grain Harvest Crisps. (courtesy of jdixon)

9. First childhood memory: Doing pencil-stencils in my room. I must've been 3.

10. First realization that life was cruel: The day that Fraggle Rock got taken off the air, without my knowledge. I remember this very clearly. I was all ready to watch it, but HBO was showing Wimbeldon instead. I was impatient, but I watched Wimbeldon anyway, hoping that afterwards they'd put it on; not only did they NOT put it on, but they didn't even mention when it would ever be on again. And as it turns out, that was the end of that. No more Fraggle Rock. This killed me.

11. Second realization that life was cruel: Watching Annie Stoltie, a girl I was madly in love with, slow dance with Aaron Dunning, my closest friend. I was 10 years old and it was my first dance - I was at my father's summer music camp, in Maine. (The camp bears a frightening resemblance to Wet Hot American Summer's Camp Firewood.) I was in the process of getting all courageous and asking her to dance, and then I saw Aaron go for it. He took her by the hand and led her onto the floor and then they just sorta collapsed into each other, her head resting on his shoulder. I walked home in the pouring rain and cried for weeks. Shortly after this my parents got divorced.

12. What I wanted to be when I grew up: Astronomer. Yeah, I was into archeology, too, but I was pretty much dead-set on studying the universe.

13. Strangest thing my parents ever did: At the time, I thought this was cool - now I think it was pretty stupid - but for my 16th birthday my father gave me, among other things, a package of condoms and the keys to his girlfriend's apartment (who lived upstairs from him) and told me and my girlfriend "You have an hour."

14. Most pivotal moment: There are lots of choices for this - my bad mushroom trip and the ensuing enlightenment that followed comes to mind - but I guess I'd have to pick the day I decided to listen to a tape that my father had confiscated from one of his students (who had been listening to it with a walkman during class). That tape was U2's "The Unforgettable Fire", and it made me not only want to play guitar, but play it well.

15. Worst job: Hands down, my worst job was working in a party goods warehouse one summer. First of all, I was supposed to drive cross-country that summer, but I didn't have enough money, so I had to get a job, and the job never paid enough, so I ended up not being able to go at all. Second of all, the job consisted of going around to all the packers and making sure they had enough cardboard boxes; if they ran low on a particular kind of box, I had to resupply them. There were approximately 100 packers and each packer had 8 different sixes of cardboard box. Thirdly, my coworkers tended to be missing key teeth and often worked 20 hours a day at 4 different minimum-wage jobs to feed their 6 children. Fourthly, there was no air conditioning. Fifthly, the "coffee".

16. Most ridiculous procrastination ploy at work: In order to put off 5 minutes of dealing with expense reports, I cut-and-pasted all 200 pages of Gamespot's Baldur's Gate II walkthrough into a Word document; edited and reformatted it, and then printed and velo-binded it. This was about 10 months ago; I still haven't played Baldur's Gate II.

17. Hardest word to spell: "Restaurant". Because I took French in high school, and in French I think it's spelled "restaraunt", and ever since then I've always gotten them confused.

18. Early/on time/late: I am always early, even when I go out of my way to be late.

19. Earliest sexual fantasy: I remember being, say, 7 years old and obsessed with Brooke Shields' appearance on the Muppet Show, especially the whole Alice in Wonderland skit.

20. The first time I got stoned: I was with my friend Evan. My mom, brother and stepfather were in Europe and I had the house to myself. I believe our high school graduation was 2 weeks away. We listened to "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Electric Ladyland". I remember lying down on the living room couch and melting into the floor.

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