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This particular temping gig is suiting me just fine. Very chilled out, quiet, busy enough so I don't go crazy and yet lax enough that I can fuck around and nobody gives me shit.

Had a crazy conversation last night with the woman about mortality and such, which led to further Disc Theory ramblings. Speaking of which, she and I are approaching the 1-year mark very soon - we're having steak at Peter Luger's... so psyched.

Disc Theory, if I haven't explained it here yet, is this sort-of philosophy which basically allows for fate and freewill to peacefully (and also necessarily) co-exist. In essence:

Imagine your life as a compact disc. At some point the 'play' button was pressed, and at some point the cd will end. Got it? What this means is that the music of your life has already been written and recorded (i.e. FATE), but you're hearing it for the first time as it plays, and because you don't know what happens next, you can do whatever you want (i.e. FREEWILL).

Some of the cooler aspects of the metaphor are things like harmony and dissonance - when you meet someone for the first time and you just totally vibe off of each other, that's because your discs are in harmony with each other, and vice versa.

And there's a lot more permutations of this, which I don't necessarily need to get into now. The conversation I had with the woman last night involved the afterlife, and souls, and did I believe in them or not.

There was a point when I thought having multiple lives was a really cool idea; I don't know that I believed in it, per se, but I thought it would be neat if it happened. Ever since Disc Theory came into being, though, I hardly ever gave it a thought. So when we talked about it last night, I came to this conclusion: whatever happens after we die is completely irrelevant. Heaven/hell, reincarnation, etc. etc. - none of it matters. It's the "elsewhere". When your disc stops playing, it goes back in its case, and it's out of your hands at that point. It still exists, though; the essence of your life never dissipates.

This is a lot of hokey mumbo-jumbo for 1:30pm on a 90-degree day. I need beer.
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