Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes


So even though the Yankees, Knicks, and Penguins lost last night, it wasn't a total bust. I reorganized my CDs and wrote a song in a completely different way than I've ever written before, and it came out great, and now I'm totally stoked about working on new material.

Oh, and here's what I'm listening to:

in the Discman:
Sausage, Riddles are abound tonight

in the red wallet:
Elvis Costello, the very best of
Camper Van Beethoven, key lime pie
Belle & Sebastian, tigermilk
Beach Boys, pet sounds
Beatles, white album disc 1
Nick Drake, pink moon
Rushmore Soundtrack
Stereolab, mars audiac quintet
Yo La Tengo, electropura
Xtc, skylarking
The Roots, things fall apart
Mos Def, black on both sides

in the black wallet:
DCfC, we have the facts...
DCfC, something about airplanes
Talking Heads, sand in the vaseline (one)
Sam Prekop, s/t
Radiohead, kid a
Modest Mouse, the moon & antarctica
Luna, penthouse
David Holmes, lets get killed
5ivestyle, miniature portraits
Flaming Lips, soft bulletin
Dismemberment Plan, is terrified

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