Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

So now that I have a job and a little bit of money to throw around with, I've been getting closer and closer to purchasing an Xbox. (Although this weekend I'm hoping to get both a new cellphone and - get this - new glasses.) And now that the Xbox is going to $199, it's becoming more and more of a certainty.

So why is it that I just spent about 45 minutes at Sam Goody's playing around with the thing, and I'm still sorta hedging my bets? Perhaps it's because all the games on the demo disc were relatively dull; perhaps it's that when I play around with videogames in stores I'm standing up, I'm un-stoned, and the music playing in the store is almost always driving me crazy.

And of course, GTAIII is coming to the PC next week, and SOF2 is coming right behind it.

And this is all flying right in the face of all the music I should be writing. I'm starting to get the sense that my musical career is not destined for mass consumption.

This post doesn't make any sense. I'm deliberately not eating lunch today so that I'll be hungry for dinner, and since I have literally no work to do today, my brain is off somewhere else. Sorry. Everything is all peachy, really.

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