Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Fantastic weekend - a weekend so enjoyable, in fact, that I could care less that it's Monday and I'm back at my stupid job and I'm tired and WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Just kidding. It was a great weekend.

Friday night: Dinner with the woman at Smith & Wollensky's. My buddy Buffalo was our waiter, which meant we got to drink for free - but we didn't do that much drinking, being that we stuffed ourselves with yummy steak and various fixin's. After dinner we sorta rolled ourselves over to the curb to catch a cab back to Brooklyn, where we exchanged gifts and generally just were sickeningly cute and adorable.

Saturday: Got up early; ordered breakfast; then ventured out into the world so I could buy new glasses and a cellphone. It couldn't have been scripted better, in terms of timing; we got to Pearle Vision at around 12:45, made an appointment for 1:30. Then we walked two doors down, got the cellphone. Got back in time for the appointment. While the glasses were being made, we went next door and drank beer and ate chicken tenders and watched the Yankee game; we left after the last out; my glasses were ready and waiting for me. Spent the next few hours marvelling at how, suddenly, the world was in freakishly perfect focus for the first time in years. And I mean perfect focus: from the corner of Montague and Clark I could see the color of a man's shirt all the way down at the Promenade, which is like 4 or 5 long blocks away. We then rented Forrest Gump and Donnie Darko, and then just chilled out and watched 'em. Donnie Darko is a great film, and it kinda freaks me out to think that Richard Kelly (writer/director) is fucking 26 years old.

Sunday: loafed around with the woman, then encountered massive subway delays on my way back to Queens. Rehearsal from 6:30-10:30 - started out pretty good, but I definitely lost steam about halfway through. As did my delay pedal. I think I'm gonna have to cancel my June gig, because there's no way I'll be ready and I can't rely on that pedal anymore.

Tonight: my first Yankee game of the season.

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