Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Ugg. But it's a good ugg. I don't mind being hungover when it's because I had a really great time the night before; last night, I had a great time. Aceyalone can bring it, folks.

After work, Jongre, JDixon and I went down to my brother's dorm room to hang out and smoke before meeting some other friends at a bar for dinner; my brother's dorm room is fucking SICK. It's a humongous loft with - get this - a balcony that can easily accomodate 15 people, seated. And while it's intended to house 3, right now my brother has it all to himself...

At 6:30 we walked to the bar. My brother's dorm is on Lafayette and Franklin; the bar was on Bedford, close to 7th Avenue. Quite a hike - we got to the bar at 7. But my God - what a beautiful walk. There are times when NYC takes me by surprise with how fucking awesomely beautiful it is. We walked north on Mercer, deep in Soho, and there was literally nobody on the streets - not even moving cars. It was so wierd to see the city so completely quiet, especially since it was still light out and the weather was beautiful. If I had my camera with me, I'd have taken a bazillion pictures...

Anyway... so, dinner and drinks at Daddy-O, and then more drinks and a few rounds of pool at the bar across the street, which happened to be showing the Yanks/Sox game. And then... Aceyalone at S.O.B.'s.

I've never been to a hiphop show. Lemme tell you, if indie rock bands displayed 1/10th the interest that a rapper will display in getting the audience hyped up, there's be a fucking revolution. Acey was ridiculous. He just kept blowing our minds for at least 90 minutes, nonstop. And when the turntable started fucking up, he'd just freestyle, effortlessly, brilliantly, a capella. GodDAMN. What a fucking great show.

And so now I'm terribly hungover - almost incoherently so. But not regretfully.

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