Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Not much to update, aside from yet another near-death elevator freefall. Well, that's not quite entirely true - Saturday night was pretty awesome. The woman and I got decked out and met up with her parents at the Plaza, where we had champagne and generally just felt decadent, and then the four of us went over to the Russian Tea Room for an insane dinner. Her mother is a psychiatric nurse and was given a free 2-night stay at the Plaza for this humungous convention being thrown by one of the drug companies she's affiliated with - said drug company also bought out the entire RTR for the evening. Goddamn. After dinner, the 4 of us did the stereotypical ride in a horse carraige, which - in spite of the smell - really was quite romantic. Sunday morning was spent watching the Mr. Show DVDs.

Tonight - me and the former-LJ-user JDixon have bleacher seats for tonight's Yankees/D-Backs game, which is notable for several reasons: (1) I've never sat in the bleacher seats before, and (2) Randy Johnson is pitching, which means we probably won't catch any home runs. Then again, Sterling Hitchcock is pitching for the Yankees, so I guess we will see some home runs, after all.

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