Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

My hypochondria knows no bounds - after reading way too many stories about Darryl Kile, suddenly I have an explanation as to why my left arm's been bothering me. I need to see a doctor. Regardless.

Weekend was spent as follows:
Saturday: sit around, sweat profusely, finish House Of Leaves, assorted and sporadic TV viewing.

Sunday: 10am - 8pm - work! Yes, that's correct - I spent all day Sunday at the office! Granted, that's a ton of overtime, which I could really use, but GODDAMN that's no way to spend a Sunday.

Last cigarette: Saturday morning.
Last puff of mj: Some time early last week, or perhaps even earlier.

Tonight: kayhoe and her acting troupe, Six Characters, are to receive an OOBR award for, presumably, best Off-off Broadway Comedy, or something along those lines. Which reminds me - eowen will be there, too, as she is also a member of the 6.

Mission: make $76 last through next Monday. Actually, make that $56.

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