Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

At work, for the second day in a row. However: I get to wear shorts, I'm rockin' out to Stereolab, and none of the people that I'm here to work for have shown up yet or even called me to tell me when they're coming in. Ordinarily I'd get pissed off that I had to come in on a day when everyone else in the company is home sleeping, but I'm getting ridiculous overtime and it's much cooler here in the office than it is in my apartment.

Last night was nice - the woman and I went over to our friend Jim's apartment (formerly my apartment, many years ago) and watched the fireworks. What makes that really special is that the woman and I first met on that same roof exactly 4 years ago, except we were too stoned (and I was too tongue-tied) to introduce ourselves. We just stood next to each other and watched the fireworks and felt really googly.

Tonight - goin' home and crashing. Beer and Yankee game.

Tomorrow - softball with jongre and JDixon in New Haven.
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