Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Firstly: Goodbye, Mr. Williams. One of my all-time favorite baseball memories is of that All-Star game a few years back when Ted came out on a golf cart and all the players just flocked over to him, holding up the start of the game and preventing a commercial break. That was amazing.

Lots of nothing happening here at work, so I've just been grooving to the Lilys and planning out my upcoming shopping spree:

Amelie (released July 16)
Royal Tenenbaums (released July 9)
Ocean's 11
8 1/2

Sonic Youth, "Murray Street"
Blackalicious, "Blazing Arrow"
Vida Blue, s/t
Trey Anastasio, s/t
Flaming Lips (released July 16)
Microphones, "Glow Pt. 2" (someday, somehow, a record store in NYC will carry it again)

and of course, the Xbox. Even now I'm considering buying it after work, although I know I shouldn't (and won't).

Any further suggestions? Old or new, it doesn't matter - there's plenty of David Bowie that I need to get, and Elvis Costello, and tons more.

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