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I haven't really had much to do this morning, thus far, so I've been looking at some of my newly reformatted college journal entries (thanks K!) ... Boy, was I horny. And also way more obsessively idealistic.

Last night was really nice - stayed home, made dinner (PB&J - oh yeah), watched Yankees/Devils games, cleaned my room, wrote a new song on the 4-track. Again, no lyrics. The music that I've been recording recently is really varied, which I suppose is good; one thing will be really groovy, another will be really minimal and quiet, another will be raucous... but no words yet. I suppose I should eventually start actually working on lyrics as opposed to just thinking about how I'm not writing any...

Got my refund. Boo-yah. Sending out rent check. I might have the only landlord in the entire NYC area who has any sort of heart.

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