March 21st, 2001

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As I may have mentioned, I work for a big-time, multi-national corporation, one that makes billions of dollars a year and has at least 20,000 employees all over the world. You'd think that a company that large and powerful would have a working internet. Alas, no. As I write this, it's approaching 3pm and this is the first time I've been able to get online...

Still pretty tired from last night. My girlfriend is in a play with the son of one of the drummers in the Allman Brothers, and so we got to hang out backstage at the Beacon during last night's show. I'm not a huge Allman Brothers fan, although Oteil is a badass on the bass and Derek Trucks is a fucking monster slide guitar player, but I will say this - being a rock star is fucking awesome, and these guys used to be rock stars. You should've seen the size of the joints that were being passed around. The band themselves were pretty chill, not really partying or even doing anything much besides just talking as old friends, but everyone was really nice in a post-hippie sort of way.

Whoa - the internet just died again. It's 3:04 now. This is so weak. How the hell am I supposed to goof off if the internet is busted? Christ!

And it's back up again. Yay.

Anyway, so the Allmans were good, stoned fun. Speaking of which, I've had a lot of good stoned fun over the last 2 months or so - maybe too much. Perhaps I'll start writing again if my brain gets un-clouded.

And now my mind is blank. I was waiting all day for the internet to come back up so I could post, and now I've got absolutely nothing to say. Curse you, work!
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Sex-Starved Moose Defecates on Car

Updated 7:57 AM ET March 21, 2001

OSLO (Reuters) - A sex-starved moose in Norway mistook a small, yellow car for a would-be partner, but defecated on it after it got no response.

Leif Borgersen, owner of the Ford Ka model, told the Norwegian regional daily Telemarksavisa Tuesday that he found his car bathed in lick marks, saliva and moose excrement.

Borgersen says the moose left its mark on the front yard of his home in Lardal, about 125 miles southwest of Oslo.

"The front yard was simply transformed into an outdoor toilet," he said. "I'm a bit uncertain whether I should take the risk of letting the car stand alone and defenseless on the front yard from now on."

There was no damage to the car apart from the sideview mirror that was bent backwards.