March 26th, 2001

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Another Monday morning, another March snowstorm, another anxious stomach. This has become routine, now, so I don't know why I'm feeling so weird. The weekend wasn't terrible, or even in any way "not good"... This George Harrison record I'm listening to kinda has this melancholy vibe that I'm tapping into, so maybe that's not helping...

Saturday night we had a really good rehearsal; the new songs are really starting to sound good. Of course, we don't have any endings that we can consistently remember, but when do we ever?

Every time my cock-head boss comes over and gives me more work, I start to feel worse.

This is a lame entry, sorry. I gotta go deal with some crap here.
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Mid-afternoon, now. The woman just called; it was nice to hear her voice. Feeling a little better - not as grumpy and anxious, but still kinda just... not... wanting to be here, I guess.

Was just cruising around on Diaryland - has anybody used them? It looks kinda tacky and cutesy. I want a manly online journal, dammit.

Should I talk about "Memento" and how it's been kicking my brain's ass all weekend?

Jdixon writes: Who would be a cool co-star in a Kevin Smith movie?

I pick John Cusack and Owen Wilson. JD picks Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller, and Janene Garafolo. We'd agree that Tenacious D should have a cameo appearance. Try as I might, I can't really think of any actresses for a KS movie... although since KS writes primarily from a male point of view (even when he's writing for female characters) that would kinda make sense.

*yawn* Gonna get some coffee.
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It's 4:23pm right now, and the computer network has been completely dead for about an hour. I'm not sure if it'll be up before I leave. But I'm bored and trying to procrastinate.

Not that I care that much, but I'm pretty sure that the other admins in my group hate me. I've been getting a lot of non-responses and weird looks from them lately. I've been temping at this company for the better part of a year and I can't really say I've met anybody that I'd want to be friends with, though, so I don't really know if I should attempt a reconciliation or not. My girlfriend has the same sort of deal with the people she temps with, too. I don't know know what it is about temps that make them so hated, but I do know that most of the people who work here are some of the most miserable bastards I've ever seen. If anything, I think it might be that temps aren't required to care about anything, and so they don't immediately hate everything, which makes them a bit perkier and cheerful. Don't get me wrong, though - I hate everything about this place. Yes, I'm able to do LJ on this thing, but by the same token, the network is catastrophically down at least once a week, so I'm not really on LJ. Or whatever.

Favorite line from the Oscars: "I took a little boy to see Gladiator and he cried through the whole thing. Of course, that might be because he didn't know who I was."
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"Memento" and elsewhere

Jervo210: yeah, you must. i immediately thought of you while i was watching it.
Jervo210: "this is the kind of movie that would totally drive rey crazy with ideas and such."
Jervo210: half the reason why i want you to see it is because i want to hear what you have to say about it. well, no, it's more like 45%.
Rednary: i've actually been focussing more on "such" than ideas lately...
Rednary: although i like both ideas AND such.
Jervo210: i've been out of such - i had some ordered in from Europe.
Rednary: i've found things much easier since i moved all my papers into two files, one labeled "IDEAS" and one labeled...well, you know.
Jervo210: thus and such? or just such?
Jervo210: i need to differentiate, or else i'm just fucked.
Rednary: shit. i've been putting all my thus into my such file.
Jervo210: you're only asking for trouble, dude.
Rednary: i know - i wasn't thinking. this is bad. this is very, very bad.
Jervo210: what about your etcetera?
Rednary: DUDE!
Rednary: I'm seriously FUCKED.
Rednary: I gotta go back to Staples.
Rednary: get some more folders.