March 30th, 2001

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Feeling terrible. Thought I was having an allergy attack yesterday afternoon - now I think it's a full-blown cold. The NYC weather has been unrelentingly brutal, and I'm pissed off.

Re-did the CD wallets last night, although I'm still pretty uninspired by my CD library...

in the red one:

Lilys, "Better can't make your life better"
Tortoise, "Standards"
Jim O'Rourke, "eureka"
Pell Mell, "Interstate"
PJ Harvey, "is this desire?"
Lilys, "3-way"
YLT, "i can hear the heart..."
Aceyalone, "book of human language"
Lilys, "Esscame..."
TSAC, "Oui"
Haiku D'Etat, "s/t"
Apples in Stereo, "Tone Soul Evolution"

in the black one:

The Promise Ring, "Very emergency"
Cat Power, "moon pix"
Beastie Boys, "hello nasty"
Bowery Electric, "s/t"
Built To Spill, "Keep it like a secret"
Slint, "Spiderland"
The Church, "priest = aura"
B&S, "if you're feeling sinister"
Pavement, "Crooked rain"
Beatles, "revolver"
Pavement, "Terror Twilight"
YLT, "And then nothing..."

I've got work to do. Whoopee.
full life

"it won't be La Bamba"

The agenda.

1. Brad & Jeff
2. being sick sucks ass
3. Acey kicks ass

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. So, apparently Brad Pitt is trying to make a movie that is based on Jeff Buckley's life.
You might want to read what Mr. Shobiz had to say about it. You also might want to check out Pitchforkmedia's take, which is somewhat less enthused - among other things, they blast Jeff's mother for being exploitative and manipulative with his legacy.

Now, I love Jeff Buckley, and when I heard that he died I freaked out - way much more so than when, say, Kurt Cobain offed himself. (I was more pissed off than upset about Shannon Hoon, but that's another story.) It took me a long time to accept it. I had the opportunity to see him play live in a small club for free right around the corner from my house, and I didn't go because my first day of work at my new job was the next day, and the concert didn't start until 2am. You can imagine how hard I kicked my own ass after that. I went to Strawberry Fields the day after he died, and there were a small gathering of JB fans, listening to bootlegs and just talking and crying and really just generally being stunned. And so when I heard that his mom was behind the release of the record he was working on before he died, I was all for it - better her than the suits, certainly. And then the live record came out, which I bought immediately, and then there's the DVD (which I've been meaning to pick up - has anyone seen it?), and now the book about him and Tim...

So I'm grateful for all the post-death stuff, the merchandise, the records, the chance to hear that voice in more unusual contexts. And yet... there's a part of me that knows that if he were still alive, he would never have allowed any of that stuff to be released. He scrapped the whole Disc 1 of "Sketches", for crying out loud, and to be perfectly honest the sound quality of "Mystery White Boy" is pretty dated and less than optimal. The mind reels at what JB would have released in place of that stuff. If he was dissatisfied with "Sketches"... well, shit, the world is that much the worse for it, and I have new personal issues with whoever's in charge of that stuff.

But so now Brad Pitt wants to play "a character based on Jeff Buckley"? I generally like Brad Pitt, although sometimes I think he wishes he had Johnny Depp's career. But, I mean, why? Does the world really need a quasi-fictional account of our dear deloved Mr. B? Quoth Mr. Showbiz:

Buckley's character would not be completely biographical, notes Spin columnist Marc Spitz. "It concerns a Buckley-esque character who's referred to as 'The Musician,'" an insider says. "There are a lot of flashback sequences. It's not La Bamba."

And we haven't really come to the really disturbing part, which is this: can Brad Pitt sing?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2. So my cold is still all up in my face, and it's still really annoying, and I've run out of tissues twice today already, and I was only able to muster the tiniest excitement when I finished paying my bills and realized that I hadn't drooled any snot on 'em.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3. What I know about hiphop could be inscribed on the rim of a shot glass with a busted-up magic marker by a blind man in a dark room, but lemme say this: Aceyalone is unbelievably good, and he's beginning to make a resurgence in the East Coast. If you can find one of his records, buy it. If you can find more than one record, make sure at least one of them is "Book of Human Language."
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it's weird, man. most of the time, a cold moves downwards. this one is just hovering in my sinuses.

i just wanted to point out that i haven't had a cigarette all day. i wish i could appreciate that.

ferns rehearsal tonight, at fucking 10. 10 oclock. what the shit is that? i'll be lucky if i can move by then. we're rehearsing tonight at 10 because we have a "gig" tomorrow night that nobody's invited anybody to, and we're playing 4 or 5 new tunes, and we don't know how they end. the "gig" is really a fundraiser for our drummer's side project, this thing called the Jump Festival, and it's taking place in a loft in the middle of nowhere, Brooklyn. our drummer already lives out in the middle of nowhere - this is even farther out there.

about 20 minutes ago i could have sworn that i heard crickets in the office. i'm not kidding. fucking crickets. in the World Financial Center. i think i need to lie down.