April 4th, 2001

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Well, I caved in yesterday and splurged.

on DVD:

1. Being John Malkovich
2. L.A. Confidential
3. Goodfellas
4. Manhattan
5. Annie Hall
6. Jeff Buckley - Live in Chicago

on CD:

1. Guided By Voices, "Isolation Drills"
2. Stephen Malkmus, s/t
3. Aceyalone, "Accepted Eclectic"

It was one of those things, you know, I've been hoarding what little money I can from each paycheck, and I hadn't bought anything non-food-related in at least a month. At one point I was holding 9 DVDs in my hands, but decided against "Carlito's Way", "Almost Famous" (hadn't seen it yet), and "American Beauty" (seen it a bazillion times). I'm kinda disappointed in the DVD availability in NYC - it's really hard to find certain movies, like "Monty Python's Meaning of Life", or even most Coen Brothers films (besides "Fargo", which is just about everywhere). Apparently "Delicatessen" hasn't been released on DVD yet, which is a goddamn travesty. Speaking of which, when the hell are the Indiana Jones movies gonna come out on DVD? Or the Godfather movies?

Gotta quickly do some work.
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full life

SM v. TA

The Malkmus album is pretty good, nothing really mindblowing. I really really really like "Church on White". I did notice something odd in "Jennifer and the Ess-Dog", which is also a great song. Consider the verse:

See those rings on her toes / Check that frisbee in his Volvo
It's a Volvo with ancient plates
They've got a dog she named Trey
A retriever with a frayed bandana around his neck

Now, it's well known in Phish circles that Trey Anastasio is a huge Pavement fan, and Phish has been known to cover "Gold Soundz" from time to time (which happens to be my all-time favorite Pavement song, thank you very much). And during Pavement's last tour, it was said that SM once dedicated "Gold Soundz" to "all the Phish-heads in the audience," although it was not said how much irony and sarcasm was in his voice when he said it.

So I'm wondering if Mr. Malkmus is having a smug, pretentious laugh at Mr. Anastasio's expense here, or if it's just coincidence, or if in fact it's meant as a below-the-radar high-five. I'm leaning towards the first option.

And for those of you who mock my Phish knowledge, let me just say this: Trey is recording an album in his own private studio with Les Claypool and Stewart fucking Copeland at this very moment, and you're not.
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The cockhead is at it again, and this time I nearly exploded.

He comes out of his office and walks all the way down to my cube, and picks up his as-yet-unopened mail. He asks me why I don't open his mail. I say, "I'm sorry, I've been working on other things all morning." He shrugs and walks away, leaving the unopened mail on my desk. I call after him, "Do you want this stuff?" He says, "Why don't you open it, and then I'll check it?"
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