May 23rd, 2001

full life

yes i'm paranoid, but am i paranoid enough?

Here's some further evidence of the wierd goings-on at my new temping place. It's so bizarre. They'll pay for your lunch, but then they send out e-mails like this (notice spelling errors):

It has come to my attention that there is far too much chit chat going on at peoples' desks, especially right in front of bankers' offices.

If people want to have a chat or catch up with each other, it should be done in the louge area of the kitchen.

Far too many NY personnel (as well as clients and personnel from other offices) have commented on the amount, volume and topic of these conversations.

This is an office where we all need to act professionally. Not to mean people cannot have a good time at work; people just need to be a little more discrete.

So, from here on, please let people know that if they want to have an extended chat, they should do it away from their desks in an area more appropriate. Furthermore, the subject matter (topic) needs to be one which is not offensive to others and/or discussed in a manner/volume which someone will not overhear it.
full life


today is very slow. none of the heavy-hitters are in, so i can afford to be less paranoid. i'm not sure i really care either way if i get in trouble for using the web. since yesterday morning at 9am the total amount of time i've spent doing actual work is less than an hour. i'm still getting wierd looks from the other assistants. again, i'm not really sure i should waste any energy by being concerned about it...

tonight's the dylan concert. i'll be surprised if more than 10 people show up; i'll also be surprised if i'm not completely shitfaced by the time we start the second set. that's the only way i'll be able to get through it without going crazy. the problem with covering dylan songs is that there's really not much you can do with them besides memorizing the lyrics. there's no room to stretch out or to make anything different - especially when you're playing with hard-core dylan purists. for example, we were messing around on monday night with "it's all right, ma" - our drummer had gone home early, and so i got on the drums - and so by the time we get to the 6th verse, i'd start inserting little drum-and-bass beats into the parts of the verse where there's no singing. you should've seen the looks on their faces...

it's been a rough week, girlfriend-wise - i haven't seen her since sunday morning, and we've really not been able to have a phone conversation last for longer than 5 minutes. she's going through some rought times right now, too, and all i want to do is hold her and just chill out w/ her. we're gonna see "Shrek" tomorrow night, though, which i really hope isn't terrible...

i've been trying to find a cool edition of the "Lord of the Rings" books (b/c the woman will kill me if i don't at least read the first one by the time the movie comes out) but in the meantime I've been reading Richard Brautigan's "The Tokyo-Montana Express". I haven't read any Brautigan in a couple years, but it just seemed about that time - he's really good in cool, rainy spring weather. has anyone else out there even heard of him? get "Trout Fishing in America", if you can - it's awesome.

anybody out there in LJ-land? it's been pretty quiet today...
full life

an informal invite

hey, just in case anybody's gonna be in the East Village tonight, around 8-ish, and is looking for a cheap place to drink and hear semi-competent Dylan covers, go to Manitoba's, which is on Avenue B b/w 5th and 6th. i'll be the guy in the green shirt playing a really funny-looking keyboard, and i'll be somewhat incapacitated.