May 25th, 2001


finally, a real survey.

Fill in the blank section. You have 60 minutes to complete. Use a No. 2 pencil only.

1) Each year I donate __________ to charity.

2) My favorite flavor of ice cream is __________.

3) Upon entering the Witness Relocation Program, I would change my name to __________.

4) I once saw a girl with __________ in her __________.

5) I put __________ in my burritos to make them easier to digest.

6) __________ was this country's 16th president. S/He ruled the land with an iron __________.

7) Luke ... I am your __________.

8) I never get tired of sleeping on a large pile of __________ surrounded by many beautiful __________.

9) __________ is too old to play hockey. S/He should retire again and go back to owning the __________ Penguins.

10) Oh __________! I just spilled __________ on my __________. Hand me a/n __________ before I __________ you so hard __________ __________ __________ __________ ass.

11) I pee __________ times a day.

12) My bologna has a first name: it's __________.


I always knew someday I'd grow up to be a/n __________.
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hey folks.

saw Shrek last night with the woman, and i must admit that i liked it a lot more than i was prepared to. they slam Disney repeatedly, which is always a plus, and Eddie Murphy was great. the animation is absolutely stupendous.

and it was really great to get my notebook back.

there will be another posting momentarily, possibly.

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So my girlfriend's (a.k.a. "the woman", a.k.a. kayhoe) grandmother died this morning - her mother called at about 6:00am to tell her the news. It was expected (and to some extent planned) but it hurts the same and I know she's upset. Which makes my being here at work even more dumb, because I've literally done nothing all day except answer 2 phone calls and reload my "friends" page about 600 times an hour (if LJ broke today, it's my fault, sorry.) We're gonna get high and watch stupid movies this afternoon and tomorrow, which will hopefully keep her in somewhat o.k. spirits....
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