June 7th, 2001

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one of these days i'm gonna go crazy if i can't figure out a way to listen to music at work. there's nothing more annoying - well, that's a bit of an overstatement, but it's pretty goddamned annoying - than having 20 seconds of a song stuck in your head because you don't know the song well enough to replay the whole thing. and it's especially annoying when the CD is in your bag, at your feet, and you can't do anything about it.

as much as i hate the lakers, i hate the 76ers even more, which is why i'm surprised that i'm kinda psyched that they won last night. allen iverson was just ridiculous.

oh, and Jorge Posada is KING.
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full life

upcoming DVDs (or, The Empty Wallet)

The Graduate (special edition)
Platoon (special edition)
O Brother, Where Art Thou
Die Hard Ultimate Collection
The Goonies (!!!!!!)
Black Adder Complete Collector's Set
Waiting for Guffman
2001 Limited Edition Collector's Set
The NEW Stanley Kubrick Set
Silence of the Lambs Widescreen Special Edition
Ghost Dog
Dead Man
Wayne's World 1&2
Wallace & Grommit Complete Set
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good, bad, and strange news

So I just got an IM from Devin, my good friend and college roommate of 4 years, and he's just blown my mind 3 times. We're still IMing even now, and it's possible that there'll be more to come.

The bad news: Homer's, a diner that was a second home in college, will close in 2 weeks. That diner was home to some of the more amazing conversations, writings, and ideas in my life; Disc Theory was born there, for one, and I wrote a play there, and I discovered the subtle joys of toasted buttered bagels and beef barley soup. It was one of the last diners in NYC that would let you smoke. We'd get there (there was a regular group of about 8 or 9 of us, though we'd all arrive sporadically) around 10pm and stay until 4am, smoking and reading and talking and arguing and always, always feeling right at home. You KNOW you're at home when you walk in and before you've taken your backpack off there's a cup of black coffee and a sweet-n-low waiting in front of you.

The good news: Among the Homer's regulars was my high school / college buddy Tomi, who besides being the co-creator of Disc Theory is just one of the coolest people in the world. I had fallen out of touch with her several years ago, and, try as I might, I couldn't track her down anywhere. Well, Devin was on his way to his friend's house in Brooklyn, and there she was, walking down the street - she's a waitress at the coffeeshop right next to Devin's friend's building.

The strange news: Devin and his girlfriend were record shopping at Norman's records, and they're having a gigantic used CD sale, and to his surprise, right between Woody Guthrie and Whitesnake, was a Wanna CD. Shame on Norman's, for alphabetizing so poorly; and shame on that poor soul that would sell their Wanna CD. We worked hard on that CD. We only released 250 to the public, and maybe 100 more to radio stations and magazines (although none of them were in NY), so chances are I know the person that did it. Whoever you are, I ask you: why'd you do it?
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Is there some unwritten law that mandates that as you become more powerful and influential in the business world, your handwriting must decrease in legibility? How the hell am I supposed to type a letter when I'm reading chicken scratch? Does he know this? Does he care?
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So I'm being moved around, apparently; the position I'm currently in is to be filled in the next few weeks, and the person I work for is too busy to train me fully, and then have to train someone new in a few weeks. Which is ok, I suppose. They apparently want me around, so I shouldn't be short of work. It's just that I had sorta geared up for nonstop working. These 3- and 4-day workweeks are just brutal, financially speaking... Plus it's a pain in the ass to remember what websites you've logged into, such as this one.

Anyway, tomorrow may or may not be filled with postings, so, you know, don't, like, wait for 'em.
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