June 13th, 2001

full life

back in nyc

Back in front of a computer, finally.

Both the weekend and the wedding were fantastic, and I'm happy to say that I've somewhat gotten over my fear of driving. If there's one thing about living in NYC that I regret, it's that I've come to loathe driving, since I never have to; but I drove both ways, about 2+ hours each way, and it was cake. I might not be driving 90, but we all made it in one piece, which is the important thing.

The hotel was a Days Inn, but it had a pool; and once we saw that it did, the woman and I got back in the car and found a mall and bought suits. I can't remember the last time I was anywhere near a pool, but there we were, chilling out by the pool, having a great time. I haven't felt that relaxed in a really long time...

The wedding itself will go down as one of the most beautiful weddings I'll ever see. It was southeast of Niantic, CT, right near the ocean, on the grounds of this old mansion with a classical garden and an absolutely huge field leading down to the beach. There was quiet jazz guitar in the garden, and all of us jaded, cynical NYCers were momentarily at a loss for smartmouthing anything. It was stunning. They had a really kick-ass swing band (Bombay Jim and the Swingin' Sapphires - book them if you can) and great food and just an overall great vibe. Plus open bar, although as the designated driver I only had a weak grapefruit-vodka when we got there.

Anyway, now I'm back in the city, and I've got work next week, and maybe even tomorrow, but I'm still fucking broke as hell and the woman's birthday is next Wednesday. Christ.

Started re-re-re-rereading Infinite Jest, and I'll be goddamned if it still isn't the most interesting book I've ever read.

Finally, I'd like to welcome jongre into the LJ community. Heeeeybro!