June 14th, 2001

full life

working again

well, work is work, i guess, even if this will be yet another 2-day work week. i'm starting to seriously consider full-time work again, at least for the summer; i can't be this broke for too much longer. i've got serious credit card debt to start paying off; plus i've got to eat at some point, too...

Pitchfork now has a webboard, which is pretty kick-ass.

More very soon, like in 10 minutes.
full life

the ultimate top 10 list (or, how to be a total dork)

oh, there's nothing to do here, again.

...was thinking about putting together an ultimate top-10 list; a list that combined favorite albums, books, concerts, videogames, songs, etc. into one mega top-10 favorite media experiences of all time.

Here's what I would consider including:

from the concert list

1. Tortoise @ Irving Plaza (fall 98, i think)
2. Phish @ MSG, 12/31/98 (2nd set)
3. Radiohead @ Hammerstien Ballroom (i forget which one)
4. Hum @ Irving Plaza (DiH tour)

from the book list

1. Infinite Jest, DFW
2. Mason & Dixon, Pynchon
3. Trout Fishing in America, Brautigan
4. Still Life w/ Woodpecker, Robbins
(i'm not quite ready to include Tolkien in here just yet.)

from the movie list

1. Brazil
2. 2001
3. Memento

from the videogame list

1. Oddworld
2. Half-Life
3. Rayman 2
4. Skies of Arcadia

from the album list

There is no way I can make this particular list right now; there's just no way. This list changes every few months or so, anyway. Figure "OK Computer" will be on there, as well as at least one The Sea And Cake, Tortoise, The Beatles "Revolver" and "Abbey Road", etc.
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full life

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Let it be known that it is currently 3:34pm and I have not taken one cigarette break; in fact, I have not smoked since 8:45 this morning, after my temp agency sent me over here.

My blood is shaking.
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