June 15th, 2001

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I have a confession to make. I have a long-standing obession with Tato Skins, the potato chip that's "made with Real Potato Skins!" I can remember long afternoons in my childhood spent reading this gigantic collection of Peanuts cartoons, accompanied by hot chocolate and Tato Skins.

I just discovered that my office has a vending machine, and in that vending machine they have: Tato Skins.

I am a happy corporate drone.
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Remember, in my last post, how I said I was a happy corporate drone? I have now been de-happy-fied, because I just got a quick refresher course in corporate facism.

To wit: you can't smoke while you're standing right next to the building, but you can smoke about 20 feet in front of it.
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how does this happen?

On a vote of 51-49, the Senate approved a proposal by Jesse Helms, R-N.C., to strip federal funding from any school district that discriminates against the Scouts or similar groups that ``prohibit the acceptance of homosexuals.'' Opponents countered by winning swift approval of an amendment by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., barring schools from denying access to any youth group, Boy Scouts included, on the basis of their views on sexual orientation.

The fight over the Scouts provided a noisy conclusion to weeks of generally cordial debate on the issue atop Bush's agenda.

Helms' amendment was triggered by last year's Supreme Court ruling that upheld a national Boy Scouts policy to ban gay members and leaders. He cited numerous examples in which local schools or school districts excluded Scouts from the use of facilities.

Helms said his amendment was meant to combat ``the organized lesbians and homosexuals in this country of ours.'' Democrats angrily denounced it, saying it would bind the hands of school boards trying to juggle access and Scout sponsorship with their states' anti-discrimination laws.

Boxer said the Scouts already were treated as other groups are and added: ``I believe this amendment is unnecessarily gratuitous. It is hurtful to a group of people. It divides us again in this country.''
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more bitching about work, weekend plans, and a stupid joke

Another incredibly useless day, at $17/hour.

Tonight is hot date night w/ the woman; we're gonna get some Tibetan food in the East Village and then figure out what to do afterwards. At some point I will have to check the Yankees/Mets score.

Saturday will be relatively slow, but Saturday night some friends of mine are gonna show "Brazil" through a projector, which should be awesome.

And of course, Sunday is Father's Day. I hadn't talked to my dad in weeks, and he called me right after I had gotten incredibly stoned last night to ask me to go to a bbq at his apartment upstate...

One of these days I'll start writing music again. It's been frustrating. I've been fucking around with my drum machine (putting it through my guitar's pitch shifter and delay/looper pedal)for the last week or so, but my muse is on vacation and I've been utterly disinterested in my 4-track. I look at it; it looks at me; I go into the other room and whine. Perhaps I'll have to start drinking in earnest again. I've been meaning to buy a bottle of port, but I've just been absurdly broke...

Finally, a joke from my dad:

So this guy is walking along and suddenly a frog jumps into his path. He looks down at the frog, and the frog suddenly says: "Hey! I'm actually a princess! Kiss me and I will be at your command for a week!"

The guy says nothing, but picks up the frog and continues along his walk. After a few minutes, the frog clears its throat and says, "Hey, maybe you didn't hear me the first time - I'm a beautiful princess, and if you kiss me I'll... I'll be yours for a month!"

The guy again says nothing, and keeps walking. Finally the frog says, "Listen, I don't think you understand me. I am a beautiful princess. I will be at your beck and call for a full year, if only you'll kiss me!"

The guy looks at the frog and says, "Look, that's great that you're a beautiful princess, but frankly, I'm an engineer and I don't have time for a relationship. But my friends are gonna get one hell of a kick out of a talking frog."
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