June 25th, 2001

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If someone had videotaped the living room in my apartment this weekend, and set it to do that time-lapse thing where 24 hours are compressed into 2 minutes, it would have looked really trippy. Because I pretty much did not move at all this weekend. This weekend was largely about decompression and minimal spending (or, smoking lots of pot, playing Dreamcast for 10 hours, then reading Infinite Jest before going to sleep). No songwriting, no nothing. Pure unadulterated vegging.

Hoping to see "The Warrior and the Princess" sometime this week; I read a review in the Times on Friday, or whenever it was, and it looks really interesting - all sorts of musings on fate and destiny and such; plus it's by the Run Lola Run folks. kayhoe - Tuesday, perhaps?

I'm working today, obviously, but I'm only gonna be at this desk for today, so I'm debating whether I should download IM or not. If it's possible and allowable to miss anything about full-time work, I miss knowing that my computer was my computer and I could have whatever on it I wanted. At my first job, I got a bitchin' laptop, which was, as you can imagine, awesome. Unfortunately, temps don't get laptops. Temps are lucky if they get computers that are better than Pentium I. I almost expect to sit down in front of some Texas Instruments cassette-driven behemoth.
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I am a videogame dweeb

from Planet Dreamcast:

EBgames has revealed details on the upcoming Dreamcast game Atari Anniversary Collection. The game is scheduled for a June 28th release and will retail for a bargain price of $14.99. Here is a list of the games included in the collection:

Asteroids Deluxe
Crystal Castles
Missile Command
Super Breakout
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oh yeah, i forgot to mention that our cable was fixed in a timely manner this weekend by the good people of the Queens Cable Company, and not only that, but they got it to work better than it did before, in terms of not having to switch any cables when alternating between VCR/DC and DVD viewing.

working cable = good
laziness = better
not having to move from the couch, ever = priceless
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August 9, 2001, 10:00pm, Orchard Grill

I just (as in 2 minutes ago) booked my first solo gig. I've played 2 solo gigs before but I never actually booked them.

My initial 2 reactions:

1. Nice! That wasn't so hard.
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interior monologue.

So. Gig in a little over a month. Plenty of time. Make sure equipment works. Learn some covers. Write some songs. Finish current songs. Learn how to sing again, since I haven't sang at rawk volume in 2 months, and also since I've been smoking, a lot. Get into habit of actually looking at the 4-track for more than 2 seconds when I get home from work.

Plenty of time. It's a 45-50 minute set, at 10pm on a Thursday night, so the turnout won't be spectacular (assuming that I could get a spectacular turnout, which isn't necessarily the case) but there'll be some people there, hopefully. Besides, I've done this before, I've played solo shows, I've played a gig at the Roxy with 1500 music writers in the audience, plus Paul Schaefer, Yoko Ono (and Sean Lennon), and Michael Stipe all hovering on my side of the stage. Besides. This is what I want to be doing, anyway. You can't be a rock star if you don't leave your apartment. [Well, if your music never leaves your apartment.] I've done (literally) absolutely nothing today, all day, and while I've gotten paid $17/hour, this is time that could have been spent in front of the ol' 4-track.

Gotta work, gotta work, even if there is plenty of time. It's one thing to work under a deadline when you're working on a term paper; it's another when you're trying to put a set together that will blow people's minds away. And that's the idea, here, with this one-man-band thing; people expecting to see a solo acoustic singer-songwriter thing will be very perplexed indeed. But it's gotta work, it's gotta sound good, the songs and the loops have to be kick-ass. There's no sense in half-assing a gig, even if, in the scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. This gig is the unveiling of The Jervo Experience, and as such, it's gotta be able to stand on its own.

I booked the gig like 2 hours ago and I'm already spazzing out. Jesus, dude, calm the fuck down.

There's no time for complacency.
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Top News Story

BERLIN (Reuters) - A man seeking gratification in the red-light district in the German town of Aachen was surprised to run into his wife, who was secretly working as a prostitute, police said on Monday.

Prostitution is not illegal in Germany but police were required to calm an argument between the couple that broke out after the chance encounter in the small hours of Saturday morning.