July 2nd, 2001

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weekend review, plus bile and rage at "A.I."

OK, I'm dumb. I'll admit it. I bought into my own hype and went to "A.I." expecting greatness and much thought-provocation; as the movie progressed and got more and more stupid I struggled to maintain a willing sense of disbelief (i.e., sure, it's perfectly acceptable that William Hurt would be in an underwater Manhattan... sort of...); but the final third of the movie was some of the most horrible third-rate crap I've ever seen. I was gonna do a quasi-review here but I can't. I can't even think about it anymore.

Saturday afternoon was spent playing softball in Flushing-Corona Park. We were a few people short, but that meant that we all got a few more at-bats. I went 3 for 4 with a triple (no shit!), at least one RBI, and I think 2 runs scored. I think the final score was something like 11 to 4 - jongre and jdixon were on the losing team. But it was good clean fun all around. JDixon made the comment afterwards that it was a very suburban-feeling afternoon, and he was right, except that noone had a pool, which would have been awesome.

The rest of the weekend was spent pretty much horizontally and in AC-ed comfort, except for the hours I spent in my living room, which were also spent horizontal but much sweatier. Played and recorded a bunch of cool loop jams, which I'm really starting to get the hang of - now I just need to turn them into songs.

Sunday night I got a surprise call from the woman, who I was not expecting to be home, and so I went over and we flopped around for the remainder of the day. ("Flop" - v, to lie around listlessly and sort of grunt instead of speaking.) Watched "Junkyard Wars" for the first time - awesome show. Also watched TLC's version of Battlebots, "Robotica", which is actually a better show, even if Ahmet Zappa is one crazy freak and you have to listen to him doing play-by-play AND color commentary, often at the same time, for 2 hours.

A pleasant weekend all around, except for the 2+ hours I spent at "A.I.". Please, folks, if you must see this movie, please do yourselves a favor and leave when the screen flashes "2000 Years Later".

I'll tell you what, though, it makes me wish Kubrick had been alive to make this film, b/c say what you will about Kubrick - he never made one second of cheese in his entire career. The best moments in "A.I." were, in my opinion, the ones that felt the most Kubrickian - i.e., the creepy scenes. Some of the visuals were astounding, sure, but the movie was about 1 mm thick, in terms of actual substance.

I mean, a movie about artifical intelligence and robots substituting for humans should make you THINK, right? Spielberg is 0% cerebral, which is great when you're talking about "Close Encounters" or "E.T." or even "Schindler's List", which is a brilliant film and succeeds at everything it attempts to do. There's nothing wrong with emotion...

I'm so angry about this film that I can't really stay coherent about it. Suffice it to say, someone in Hollywood has GOT to get the balls to tell Spielberg "No."

Today I'm back at the law firm, but in the Word Processing department, which could mean that I'll be really busy later. Or not. Nothing's happened so far...
full life

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Insanely busy today. Key word - insane. Working on some deposition document for a smoker who's suing some major tobacco company. Lemme tell you right now - I smoke, I know it's bad for me, and when it finally kills me, I'll know I have noone to blame except myself, and I won't complain about it.
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