July 17th, 2001

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House of Leaves

Thank you lolamoz, now I sorta have IM again.

Finished "House of Leaves" last night; read the last 500+ pages between 5:30pm and 2:00am, pausing for an hour to rap with jdixon about what happened to him last night.

"HoL" is a fantastic, trippy, but especially creepy book; I haven't been that creeped out since I was 12 and I was freaking out reading "Pet Semetary" and "It". Yesterday afternoon I did some googling and read a lot of reviews about it, and what's funny is that none of them ever got very cerebral; "HoL" is an incredibly cerebral book about a book about a book about a movie about a house that doesn't exist, and within in the book are hundreds of well-thought out critiques of the movie, which could as well apply to the book as as whole. Sorta. I can't really describe how to critique this book, other than to say that it's extraordinarily well written, so much so that you forget that only one person wrote it. In the reviews that I read, there's a lot said about how Johnny Truant's asides aren't nearly as interesting as the rest of the book, but in a way, I think that's part of the point.

Anyway. If you've read it, talk to me about it, because I need to talk about it. If you haven't read it, read "Infinite Jest" first, talk to me about that, and then read "House of Leaves" and talk to me about that.

I'm really fucking tired. What sucked about this reading marathon is that I didn't do any of the other things I had wanted to do; by the same token, now it's out of the way, and I can start working again without distractions.
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I have been moved to a different desk, where there's a lot more people, but still not much to do. The woman who oversees the assistants is super-flaky and has no idea what is going on. I'm not sure how I've maintained any productivity that would otherwise be missing. But when you're a temp you don't ask questions. Let them pay me for taking up space, I say - it's better than doing work.

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Looking around the desk where I'm currently sitting, the time is either 1:34, 1:35, 1:36, or 1:37pm. Regardless of what time it actually is, it's not yet 5pm, and so today is just not moving fast enough.

Right now I'm thinking of all the things I would buy, if I had any money. These include DC games, CDs, DVDs, a non-lose-able moonstone ring for the woman, recording equipment...

The woman's show opens on Thursday, which is good news for multiple reasons, the most important being that our time together won't be limited to 20 minutes on the phone anymore. I haven't seen her since last Thursday, and while we've talked on the phone every day, we've really only been able to talk for about 20 minutes each time. It's wierd being in a long distance relationship when you live 45 minutes apart by subway. Soon enough, baby, soon enough...

Today's question: What were your favorite board games when you were a kid? I was (and still am) a fiend about Monopoly, but I also remember loving Sorry!, Life, MasterMind, and Chutes&Ladders. Card games weren't really my thing. My mom and I used to play rummy and go fish a lot, but not for very long.

...zzz... I've been drinking a lot of coffee over the last few months. I'm up to at least 2 a day now, which may not sound like much, but I was caffeine-free for over a year not too long ago. I'm expecting my stomach to mount a full-scale mutiny soon...
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Today's horrible news story

From the "You Think Your Life Is Bad?" file:

Man Trapped for 80 Hours in Portable Toilet

VIENNA (Reuters) - A man was trapped for more than three sweltering days in a portable toilet after fleeing from muggers, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The 63-year-old victim's ordeal began on Wednesday when he was hit on the head and robbed by two men in Vienna, according to the Kurier.

The muggers then chased him through the streets until he spied the mobile lavatory and locked himself in.

But his assailants flipped the toilet over with the door face down so that he could not get out, the paper said.

``He screamed again and again for help and banged against the walls, but nobody heard him because it was on a very busy crossroads,'' a policeman was quoted as saying.

His traumatic experience ended on Sunday morning when the man managed to break open one of the vents and flag down a startled passer-by.

Kurier said temperatures inside the cramped plastic container must have soared well above the 86 degrees Fahrenheit heat outside during his 80-hour ordeal.

A police spokeswoman told Reuters she could not confirm the details of the man's story as he was still very confused.
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The elevators in this building smell of funky diapers.

Tonight - music/sleep.

It is not yet 4pm - I might not make it until 5. They might have to wheel me outta here, I'm so bored and tired and just blah.
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in the name of science

Quick poll question, and it's not pertaining to me, I promise.

If you have to break up with someone, where's the best place to do it?

Your house
Their house
Your favorite place
A neutral locale

Once again, I'm not breaking up with anybody, especially my girlfriend, whom I love with all my heart and never want to break up with, ever. Seriously. I love you, baby.