July 30th, 2001

full life

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Aside from going out on Saturday night to see the woman's play and meet up with her sister and her boyfriend, this weekend was spent either working on music or sitting on my couch playing Dreamcast. I am incredibly weak-willed, and against all rational judgement I bought 2 DC games and spent a lot of time playing 'em. The apartment was empty all weekend, so it's not like I was bothering anybody.

So I spent this morning putting together a song list for the gig (which is NEXT WEEK, christ) and lo and behold - I've got 18 songs to choose from, and only 2 of those are covers. Granted, 6 of them need lyrics, but only 3 are looping-mandatory, so I won't be shorthanded. So minus the covers, that's 16 songs, and, like, 8 of them are brand-spankin' new. Oh, I'm very very excited; I just hope everything works.

My work schedule this week is so up in the air that it doesn't exist; I have nothing scheduled beyond today. As much as I need $$, I'm kinda hoping I get at least some of those days off; I could use the time. I'm gonna try to make more of an effort to work on lyrics while I'm at these temp gigs, too - I've got waaaay too much dead time, and I don't use it well enough.