August 7th, 2001

full life

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Major progress last night; finished lyrics for a song that was giving me major problems, worked out some kinks in another song, began to arrange set order. If I remember correctly, I've got 10 songs on the agenda, which should probably be about 40 minutes; I'm not gonna bother timing it. (Or should I?) It's gonna be wierd; my mom and stepfather and younger brother, PLUS my dad and his girlfriend, PLUS my step-brother who is estranged from my stepfather.... The woman is gonna be overwhelmed. As much as I appreciate them coming, it makes the show that much less decadent. I mean, you can't really rock out when your parents are in the audience, especially since as far as I can tell this will be only the 2nd time that both sets of parents will be in the same room since my brother graduated high school.

What sucks, though, is that my friend Todd had a ticket for me for tonight's Radiohead concert at MSG, on the floor... and I'm gonna have to bail. I need more rehearsal time, and I know that I wouldn't be able to really enjoy the show if I went, because I'd be freaking out about not working.

Goddamn I'm hungry. There's no vending machines at all on this floor. Maybe I can grab a donut or something from the coffee guys on the street. Boy, what a shitty job that must be on a day like today, to be inside a, like, 2x2 glass-enclosed box with pastries when it's 98 and humid.