August 16th, 2001

full life

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Anxious. Goin' to Chicago tomorrow. Airplanes. Cousins. Lack of nicotine. All causing stomach churning.

Was able to get that Dreamcast baseball game; you can read a review of it here.

Having some eats w/ the woman after work; I won't see her until Monday. It's pretty sucky that we can't spend more time together - but what can we do? I want her to succeed - she wants me to succeed - we have to do these things we do in order to eventually achieve any sort of success. Going to a wedding, though, is something that's not career-orientated, and it sucks that she can't go. Especially since I'm gonna be whimpering for the whole flight, and she's probably the only one who wouldn't want to punch me. That's OK, though, she'll get her chance in January...

Sheesh, today is boring.