August 21st, 2001

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I've spent a great deal of the morning doing lots of crap work for my partners here, but I've also been updating my record collection. I'm up to "T", and I'm doing it strictly from memory, so I know I'm missing a lot, but, hey, what are you gonna do.

Bought BTS "Ancient Melodes" and Beta Band "3 EPs" and "Hot Shots 2" last night. I'm kinda underwhelmed by BTS, but the Beta Band records are amazing. They sound a lot like the music I have in my head when I'm in bed after smoking too much pot.
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Check out the cover art for the new Tenacious D album right here.

That record collection site seems to be down at the moment. Crap.

For some reason, I'm having a really hard time getting a full night's sleep; last night I hung out w/ the woman and we went to bed early-ish, and neither of us slept well. Hell, when I was in Chicago, sharing a room w/ my brother, mom and stepfather, none of us slept either. Wierd.

Nothing is happening, as far as I can tell.
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Sagittarius is the straight shooter, direct and filled with vision. Truly independent, Sagittarius has a happy disposition, for they don�t worry about most things the way others do, and they generally advise others to do the same. With a strong sense of values, Sagittarians believe that honesty is always the best policy and they truly dislike deception. Sagittarius can do anything they set their mind to but don�t like switching from one thing to another, particularly when they have their sights already set. If you give Sagittarius time to pursue a hobby, or a task necessary to achieve a bigger aim, expect them to hit a bull's-eye for they have the gift of practical concentration.

Things to watch out for
While others are busy weighing things up and worrying, Sagittarius simply continues on, apparently unaware of all the dramas of life. This can lead to others unleashing their frustrations on them, for their apparent lack of concern. While Sagittarians have the ability to shoot for the stars, they can have a tendency to aim too low and waste their abilities, and flights of fancy can distract them from achieving their true target.

This according to this place.

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4 days without a cigarette, now, and I'm still alive, somehow. Last night was tricky - the woman and I were drinking wine and playing Scrabble, and the situation really called for a cigarette, but as we're both quitting, we kinda just sat around, munching on Gummi Peaches. I had some atrociously bad hands (including AIIUUUL), but I had no camera with which to record them, dammit.

Looking forward to getting in a few games of WSB2K2 tonight and getting a real night of sleep.
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